YouTube Marketing.

YouTube Marketing and Video SEO

What is it?

YouTube has moved beyond an online phenomenon and into the realm of a necessary online marketing tool. 48 hours worth of video is uploaded to the service every minute, and over 3 billion of those videos are viewed every day.

That’s a lot of people just waiting to be directed to you.

While the concept of marketing using YouTube seems simple at first, it’s an incredibly complex marketing method, with many factors controlling the success of any campaign. And while videos can be used as an effective SEO tool, receiving a good result depends on more than just regular SEO methods.

Having said that…would you like to be able to talk to every single potential customer you have…face to face? The answer is “Who wouldn’t?

How does it work?

Uploading a video to YouTube has some things in common with building a website; just because you do it doesn’t mean anyone will visit it, see it or even care that it’s there.

Putting a traditional commercial onto YouTube may not have the effect you want, and probably won’t, for one reason; a commercial made for a one-way medium like television (where there is no interaction with the viewer) has a different goal than an online video should.

YouTube is very much a social marketing method…your success lies in providing value to the viewer, whether it be in information, entertainment or just humor. Therefore, your video has to give surfers a reason to not only watch it, but make them want to talk about it, rate it positively and tell their friends to watch it as well.

How well your video is rated, how many times it’s viewed, how many members of the YouTube community comment on your video…all of these factors (and more) also contribute to the SEO value of your video. The higher these numbers are, the more it will improve your website’s search engine results placement.

It all comes down to engaging the viewer. Do that properly, and YouTube will give you extremely good traffic.

What are the benefits?

YouTube can give you a personal connection with potential customers better than almost any other method. The combination of the ability to give them value while entertaining them, along with the potential of every viewer to become an unpaid marketer for you can generate a spike in your traffic…a spike that can be sustained over time.

Video can also give your message more credibility. Which would you trust more…a recommendation from someone you don’t know typed in an email, or watching and listening to that person tell you why you should do business with someone? That’s just one example of the power that YouTube can bring to your marketing campaign.

Why use us?

Only a company with our experience with video marketing will give you results with this form of marketing. Period.

Simply put, YouTube marketing falls into the category of things that appear to be much easier than they actually are. Your videos need to be consistent, regular and appeal to the average member of the YouTube community.

However, with the right content and the correct slant to your message, you could find it being forwarded to literally millions of interested viewers, with a recommendation from someone they trust to watch your message.

We know how to connect with the YouTube community. We know what they want, what they like, and what type of content will cause you to resonate with them. We also have the skill to give you the best SEO results from your videos, using optimized tags, titles and descriptions, in addition to utilizing the others potential SEO advantages to your benefit. This allows your current online presence to directly benefit from your video campaign with improved search engine rankings.