Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Imagine two businesses. They’re in direct competition with one another, but they have different ideas about how to market their business online. The first business launches a full-out marketing blitz, with email marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising and video marketing, trying to make sure they get the opportunity to convince web surfers to do business with them.

You, on the other hand, implement a solid marketing campaign but include social media marketing. After the plan is put into play, people are recommending you to their friends, spreading your value through word-of-mouth.

Which message is going to be more persuasive to a potential customer…another advertisement, or a friend telling them to give you a try? That’s the power of social media marketing.

While “social media marketing” has become the latest business buzzword, it’s not without good reason. The impact on your bottom line of a properly constructed and executed social media marketing plan can be massive, which makes it a vital part of any marketing plan.

What is Social Media Marketing?

The term “social media” refers to the various websites and web services that allow their users to interact directly, sharing their thoughts, their likes and dislikes…and their recommendations. A good showing on any of these sites can mean an incredible upswing in the amount of attention you get for your business.

Just a few positive remarks on sites and services like Facebook or Twitter can swell virally to become an avalanche of positive online publicity, and the best part is that any social media campaign has the chance to go viral…and that means the difference between “doing well” and “unbelievable success”.

How does it work?

A well-designed marketing campaign using the power of social media actually uses your potential customers to publicize your business. Every time they “Like” your page or content on Facebook, all of their friends see it as well. Some of them will visit, “Like” you as well, and then their friends, and their friends’ friends, and so on. The same things applies to other services like Twitter, where your customers are not advertising you…they’re telling their friends “Hey, you should check this out.”

That is the true power of social media marketing.

What are the benefits to social media as a marketing tool?

Quite simply, social media marketing can be the most cost-effective addition to your marketing plan. The potential reach of your message is almost endless, and actually grows over time under its own power. Social media marketing isn’t the final word in marketing…if they see your email marketing message in their inbox and recognize you as someone their friends have recommended through social media, they are much more likely to open your email, just as they are more likely to click on your banner or Google ad.

Social media can give your total marketing plan a huge boost in effectiveness in an affordable way.

Why choose us?

While social media marketing is one of the most recent online marketing channels to come into being, it relies on marketing principles that have been used effectively for decades. While social media marketing is fairly new, we’re not.

We have a proven history of effective marketing campaigns of all kinds, including social media. We understand that it doesn’t matter what method you use, your marketing plan must be tailor-made to your specific business to be truly effective.

We also understand that an effective social media marketing campaign must integrate with your current marketing strategy. Your business is too important to trust to a social media marketing company…you need a expert marketing company that can use social media to your benefit, giving you the greatest returns for the most affordable cost.

No one should “give social media marketing a try”…they should merge the power of referrals through social media with a powerful marketing strategy to maximize their return on investment, meaning more of what counts…profit.

You’re a professional. Deal with professionals…us.