SEO Services.

5 Different Types of SEO Services Explained

What do you think of when you hear “Search Engine Optimization?” For many business owners, the process of getting ranked in the search engines seems both mysterious and vague. What exactly goes into search engine optimization? What kind of SEO services does an SEO company perform?

Understanding precisely what’s on the table can help you make an informed decision on which company you choose. These are the five different types of services that you might expect from an SEO company.

Competitive Analysis

In order to do search engine optimization well, you need to start off with a good map of the terrain.

You need to know where you’re ranking and why. You need to know how your competitors are ranking and why.

You need to know who’s linking to your competitors. In addition to specific link sources, you can usually identify which linking strategy(s) your competitors are using based on the types of links they’re getting. This can tell you a lot about what strategies work and don’t work in your industry.

Just like competing in any other arena in business, with SEO you need to first survey your competition. Then you can create an informed plan of attack for getting ranked.

Website Optimization for Search Engines

One of the most important things you could do for your website is to make sure it’s search engine optimized.

A well optimized website makes it easy for Google to figure out what your website is about. That means making sure things like your meta tags, alt tags, keywords on your site and everything else all points to the right keywords that you want to rank for.

It also means writing your description in titles in a way that makes people want to click on your website when it shows up on Google.

Linkbuilding Campaigns

At the heart of an SEO campaign is link building. Links are the largest factor when it comes to ranking in the search engines.

Google views a link as a “vote” for the authority and legitimacy of a website. The way Google tries to figure out whether a site is good or not is much like how you might try to figure out if a movie is good or not.

If one acquaintance tells you the movie is good, you might be mildly inclined to see it. On the other hand, if 10 people you know tell you the movie is good, then you’ll most definitely want to see it. However, the recommendation of one close friend would often bear more weight than 5 different recommendations from people you barely know.

The same goes for Google. Google gives different links different weights. The goal with SEO is to get a large number of trusted links so that Google sees many sites “voting” for the legitimacy of your website.

Local SEO Campaigns

Another type of SEO service you might be interested in is local SEO. Local SEO entails getting local businesses ranked for their target keywords – Not just on search engines, but on smartphones and Google Maps as well.

Local SEO works differently than normal SEO because you want your business to also show up on maps and local listings. In order to do so, you need to optimize your business for a number of different factors in addition to the normal SEO factors.

For local businesses, getting ranked is much easier than national businesses. You have less competition and your competition is usually less SEO savvy than the people who’d normally appear on the front page. You’re competing locally rather than nationally, which means you stand a good chance of winning if you run a strong campaign.

All Inclusive Search Engine Campaigns

This is perhaps the most common type of SEO service. Instead of breaking down the individual components of how to make your website rank, an SEO company will just take over the campaigns for you and by and large do most of the work.

You start by telling the company what you want and what kind of results you’re looking for. If the SEO company can deliver on what you’re looking for, you form an agreement and the SEO company goes to work.

They’ll most likely use a combination of everything we talked about above. They’ll analyze the competition, optimize your website, build backlinks and often use a number of “secret” techniques to make your website rank.

Most SEO clients prefer it this way. You don’t want to have to immerse yourself in the world of SEO and have to learn a brand new skill for no reason. Instead, you probably just want to find someone you can trust who can handle the whole thing for you, deliver results and bring you more business.

These are just a handful of the different kinds of SEO services we offer. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get ranked and build your business, give us a call at 1-(888)-405-7544.