SEO Pricing.

SEO Pricing – How it Works

SEO pricing is one of the most important considerations when it comes to hiring an SEO firm. A good SEO firm will charge a reasonable amount of money for guaranteed results; while a poor SEO firm will charge exorbitant amounts of money without guaranteeing their results.

Here’s more information on how we price our SEO services.

Pay by the Keyword

In the beginning, it’s usually best to aim to rank for just one or two keywords. This allows us to focus our efforts on getting you where you want to be with that specific keyword.

Most likely getting ranked well for one specific keyword will also have positive ramifications for all the other keywords you’re trying to rank for. You’ll pick up a lot of unintentional longtail traffic.

In other words, if you optimize for the keyword “band promotion” and rank well, you’ll also unintentionally rank for keywords like “band promotion strategies” or “promoting a band to a record label.”

For the purposes of pricing however, you’ll only pay for the one target keyword: The keyword we’re helping you rank for.

Competition Based Pricing

The more competitive the keyword, the more you’ll have to invest to rank for that keyword

More competitive keywords take significantly more work to rank for. That means that we’d have to put in a lot more time, man hours and financial investment to get you results. Naturally, that means a heavier investment on your part as well.

Before you receive an SEO pricing quote, we’ll do a detailed analysis of your competitors. We’ll gauge how much effort it’ll take to get you the results you want, then come up with a number.

When you work with us, you get a price quote that’s fixed. Unlike our competitors who might raise or lower their prices based on how many hours they put in, with us you just pay for the keyword you want to rank for. A single straight fee, plain and simple.

The Monthly Retainer Model v.s. The Flat Fee Model

Most SEO companies work on a monthly retainer model. You pay every single month to “retain” their services.

Often time’s the actual services they’ll be providing are rather vague. There are barely any metrics that you can track your progress by, which means it’s difficult to see whether they’re doing a good job or not.

Unfortunately, many companies get hooked into these kinds of arrangements and never really see the kind of results they’re looking for.

The alternative is the flat fee model. This is the model we chose, because it makes the most sense for our clients. You get just one fee that you agree to. That’s all you pay for the results you were promised.

The “Pay When Results Are Delivered” Philosophy

If you were buying any other service, would you ever pay upfront for the potential of “maybe” getting a result? Of course not.

You shouldn’t have to with SEO either. With our philosophy, you get to pay only when actual results are delivered.

We take on all the risk. You don’t have to bet your hard earned money on our skills. We’ll take that bet instead. All you need to do is put down a small deposit so we know you’re serious and we’ll get started on getting you rankings.

If you don’t rank, you don’t pay. Pure and simple.

Measuring the Return on Your Investment

By and large returns on SEO investments are a lot higher than traditional forms of media. If you invested in banner advertising for example, you’d be considered lucky if you earned $11,000 on your $10,000 investment. A mere 10% profit on a lot of risk.

With SEO however, your returns are often much higher. That’s especially true if the returns are stretched out over a long period of time.

It might only cost you $10,000 to get your site ranked highly in Google for your target keyword. That ranking might bring you 10,000 targeted visitors every single month for three years. The amount of revenue, contacts and referrals that those 300,000 visitors would bring you pales in comparison to the $10,000 you spent.

SEO works because it not only helps you get one time traffic, but also helps you establish a permanent asset that’ll pay off for you in the long run.

The Price for You & Your Company

What’s the price for your keyword and your website? There are simply too many factors that could come into play to give a straight quote online.

Instead, give us a call. Let’s talk and figure out exactly where your business is at right now. We’ll talk through your goals and measure your competitors, then use our SEO pricing model to figure out exactly how much it’ll cost to get the results you want. Give us a ring at 1-(888)-405-7544.