SEO Companies.

SEO Companies – Why Most of Them Don’t Deliver Results

By and large most SEO companies won’t get you the results you want. There are many companies out there that will make big promises about what they can deliver, but will usually just end up taking your money with little to show for it.

To prove this for yourself, all you need to do is go to your local Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters or Commonwealth Club and ask the business people there whether they’ve ever worked with an SEO company. Many of them will have spent money with an SEO company and most won’t be happy with the results they got.

If you’re going to do SEO, you need to pick the company you work with carefully. Here are a few surefire signs that the person trying to sell you isn’t legitimate, along with a few tips on how to find a good top notch company to work with.

“We’ll Guarantee #1 Rankings”

If you hear anyone saying they’ll guarantee #1 rankings without a detailed analysis of your business, you should probably start running the other direction. Why? Because even the best SEO companies in the world can’t guarantee #1 rankings to a website that’s currently unranked.

Search engines like Google can certainly be influenced and manipulated – But there’s also a large degree of randomness to it. A seasoned professional can help you get to the front page, to the top 5 or to help you rank an existing site better, but to take a website that’s not even ranked on the first 3 pages and take it to #1 is a gargantuan feat.

Instead of working with companies that’ll over-promise and under-deliver, try to work with a company that’ll be honest with your expectations and over-deliver on their promises.

How to Tell if an SEO Company is Being Upfront

The best way to figure out whether or not an SEO company is being upfront with you is to gauge how hard they’re trying to sell you.

Most “scammy” SEO companies will try to push you into a sale. They’ll make very big promises, like being able to get you to #1, and try to get you to pay an upfront fee to have them start working on your website.

A quality SEO service on the other hand will start out by asking you questions. They’ll want to know what kind of SEO you’ve already done, what you want to rank for, how long your website has been around, what position you want to rank in, what your budget is and all kinds of other considerations.

Once they’ve figured all that out, they’ll offer to work with you if and only if they believe they can really help someone in your situation.

Most SEO Companies Aren’t Properly Incentivized

Finally, one big problem with professional SEO is that most SEO companies aren’t financially incentivized to deliver results for your company. Most of these companies get paid on an upfront fee plus monthly fee basis. In other words, the longer it takes them to deliver results, the more they get paid.

If they got you ranking in 3 months rather than 6 months, they’d make a lot less money. They don’t have the incentive to work as hard as they can to get you as much traffic as possible as quickly as possible.

Instead, once they have you as a client, most SEO companies will continue to make a lot of promises and talk a good talk about all the progress that they’re making. Unfortunately, the results simply don’t show up in the rankings.

Instead of working with an SEO company of this nature, the best way to get your website ranked is to work with an SEO company that gets paid based on their performance.

Think of it like a building contractor. If they’re paid by the hour, then they’re probably going to spend as much time as they can to do the job. On the other hand, if they’re paid by the quality of the results they deliver, you’re probably going to get top notch work at a fast speed.

Likewise, with SEO, you want to work with a performance based company. Few companies are willing to put their money where their mouth is; but we are. We won’t over promise, but if we promise you a result, you can be guaranteed you’ll get it – Or you don’t pay.

So stop looking through SEO companies that don’t have your best interest in mind and give us a call instead. We’ll deliver results and we’ll do it fast. Our number is 1-(888)-405-7544.