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When anyone opts for a SEO service, they expect magic. However, things are not always as they are presented to you, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. Before you opt for any SEO trick, take a look at some popular myths about search engine optimization busted.

#Myth1 PR helps in improving your ranks

It is an old myth that the Page Rank of your website helps in improving the SERPS of your website. PR has got nothing to do with website ranks. Gone are the days when a high PR website was considered of high value. Nowadays only quality back links matter. If your website has got low PR, don’t have to worry about it. You should rather focus on the quality of back links it has.

#Myth2 SEO is all about mass directory submissions

Remember friends, SEO is an ongoing process and the most important part of search engine optimization is working on the off-page link building. You cannot just submit your website to directories that have no value. Submitting your website to hundreds of directories every day won’t make any difference to your SEO endeavors, if all those directories pass you links of no value. Whether you are doing article submission or website directory submission ensure that you are only submitting original, high quality content to good and reputed directories. If that reduces the number of directory submissions you do in a month, let it be so. Your focus should be quality and not quantity.

#Myth3 Google Ranks are forever

One fine day you see your website ranked at the number one spot in Google, and the next step you do is stop all your SEO initiatives. If that is your outlook towards SEO, you have to reconsider your search engine optimization plans. Google ranks are not forever. If you are ranking at the top today, tomorrow your ranks will fall down. So, you have to keep your process on and active.