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What can be more disastrous than a negative feedback about your brand on the web? There is no denying that nowadays we frame opinions on any product or service through its  response on the Internet. Since the web is not restricted any angry customer might end up uploading malicious comments about your brand on social media sites or online forums. However, keeping things under your control is not that difficult. You just need to do a regular online reputation management exercise. Take a look at these tips and tricks that might come in handy.

Moderate your blog comments
Nowadays every concern has a blog of its own that acts as a platform for adding fresh content to your website. Keeping company blogs is a good habit, but it is equally important to moderate the comments you receive on the blogs. Any irate customer might end up writing foul comments about your brand, and if you don’t moderate your blog the comment goes live. What next? There goes your online reputation down the gutter! So, be watchful about the comments you receive on your blogs.

Get defensive, and try and book all similar domain names
It might sound a bit too defensive, but as the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure.’ Remember, anyone who is hell bent on defaming your brand will try to do that publicly. This can only be done by creating a similar user-name of your brand on popular social networking sites, or if the person is very desperate he might end up registering a fake website with the similar domain name as that of yours. So, why take any chance? The best option is pre-booking similar domain names that are available. You might use them later on as well.

Suppress negative comments
As already mentioned the web in not restricted and you might encounter a piece of negative content about your brand shining on the Google page one. Now what? You cannot delete that page, but yes, you can suppress it by providing fresh content on similar keywords. This way you are getting the negative comments fade out from the top results.