Reputation Management.

“You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

While Abraham Lincoln’s words still have the ring of truth, the world has changed. The chance for one person to ruin the good name you’ve spent many years and much money to develop is much higher now, thanks to the seemingly-endless audience just waiting to cause chaos that exists on the internet.

While it’s important to do your part to develop the best relationship possible with your customers, fans, clients or business associates, that’s not always enough. One determined person can cause significant problems for you online, and the way you respond can make the difference between those problems having no effect…to total disaster if handled incorrectly.

As you know, complaints are a part of doing business and interacting with others. Letting them destroy what you’ve worked so hard to build is not.

What is it?

Reputation management is, simply put, taking control of your online presence…countering unfavorable comments and information posted by others on the internet, making sure the information you don’t want publicly available remains private, and monitoring the surfing public’s opinion of you or your business, so you can stop problems before they become big problems.

Doing this effectively takes a well-executed plan, using the correct software and methods to allow you to control your reputation where it matters most.

How does it work?

There are several different components to reputation management. Keeping access to your personal information limited on the internet requires, first, finding it, and then having it removed from websites and “people search” sites and databases.

Using special software and skills, a reputation manager can also monitor the internet for any mention of you, alerting you to any potential negativity. They then work with you to develop a plan to either have the negative comments deleted or manage the situation to turn potential enemies into friends.

A good reputation manager will also act as your online public relations specialist, making sure that you are presented in a positive light wherever and whenever possible, whether it be by placing positive press releases with various agencies or simply posting positive information about you on blogs or forums.

What are the benefits?

It’s incredibly easy for someone to put their opinions in front of millions of interested people on the internet. If the opinion is negative, it can damage the most important thing you have…your reputation. If the opinion is positive, of course, it can help, but the help from positive comments is less effective than the power of negative opinions.

Everyone tends to slow down when they come across an automobile accident; people are fascinated with other people’s problems, no matter how severe. In fact, the larger a problem is, the more intensely people pay attention.

This can lead to a “vocal minority” of people creating an online reputation problem that grows virally over time. The only way to keep a small problem from consuming a large majority of your time is to catch these potential problems early and deal with them accordingly.

Why use us?

The cost of limiting the damage from an online opinion is much less that the expense it would take to deal with a public relations nightmare that arises from leaving such problems unaddressed. We understand that there is nothing more important than your reputation, and every day someone gets their first impression of you online.

We have the tools, training and experience to help ensure that tomorrow’s first impressions of you are good ones.