Mobile Websites.

No marketing plan is complete without a website, but once again technology threatens to leave businesses that aren’t paying attention behind. While a normal website is still a necessity, the latest thing that must be implemented is a mobile website.

There are almost 150 million smart phone users in America. These phones are used for everything from social media to playing music, but they are increasingly becoming one of the main methods used to surf the internet, since their portability and ease-of-use allow web surfing anywhere at any time.

However, web-capable phones do have some limitations, with smaller screens, different interface methods and different capabilities from a regular computer. A website that looks and functions perfectly on a computer may be completely unusable on a smart phone.

Businesses that don’t take this into account are limiting the ability of tens of millions of interested customers to access their website

What is it?

A mobile website is a version of your website that has been specifically designed to be viewed using an internet-capable phone. The problem is that every website requires a different solution. While some existing websites only need small “tweaks” to be acceptable, others need a complete redesign before a smart phone user can use them.

How does it work?

In the majority of cases, an existing website will need no modification to become perfect for mobile surfers. What it does need is a separate website, custom designed to keep the look, feel and content of your current website, but in a format that makes it easy for a visitor to read and navigate on their smart phone.

A mobile-compatible version of your website is a second website, which is loaded automatically for phone browsers. When a visitor’s device sends a request to your website server, the server can detect whether the visitor is using a traditional computer or a web-ready mobile device, and then load the proper version of your website.

You can also give mobile visitors to your site the option to load the regular version of your website if they prefer, making it the perfect way to reach your mobile visitors without changing the experience of visiting your existing site for computer surfers.

What are the benefits?

Simply put, the benefits are enormous. As the number of internet-capable smart phones continues to explode, the number of potential or existing customers visiting your website using one of these devices increases as well.

When they visit your website on their phone, you don’t want it to be a frustrating experience, causing them to look somewhere else for what they want and need. You want to welcome them with open arms and make it as easy as possible for them to use you.

Also, there is a large number of businesses that do not, as yet, have a mobile version of their website, which means this is a fantastic opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest.

Why choose us?

Making your web presence mobile-ready isn’t as simple as changing a few graphics and switching to a different font. Your website has to present itself in a completely different way to visitors on a mobile device. Your website navigation, your content, even the ability to interact with your business must have a completely different look, feel and functionality.

We understand how important your mobile web presence is, and have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your website is perfectly tailored to this new form of customer interaction, all while maintaining the brand you’ve built.