Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

There are basically three screens that are used for marketing purposes. The first was and is the Television screen, the second is the computer monitor, and the third is the screen on your mobile telephone. Mobile search is when a mobile telephone is used to obtain content from the World Wide Web. Imagine a couple that is out to lunch and they get a phone call from a relative that will be coming to visit from out of town. With the prospect of a house guest in the near future the couple decides to put some new furniture in the guest bedroom. So at their table in the restaurant they search in their smart phone on the Internet for a furniture store in their area. Now isn’t this the kind of customer that you want finding your information when they do their search?

How Do Mobile Marketing Works?

There are already quite a number of mobile search engines. The leaders in the mobile search engine arena at this time are:

• Google XHTML Mobile Search from Google Mobile
• Yahoo Mobile
• MSN Mobile Search
• AOL Mobile Search
• Nokia Mobile Search
• Technorati Mobile
• 4INFO Mobile Search

The basic function of searching the WWW is the same as what we are all used to with our computers. The difference is that this is all geared toward mobile telephone users who have a smart phone with an Internet connection.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

A recent market study showed that over 5 billion people in the world have a mobile phone. That is 70 % of the adult population. Smart phones with the ability to access the Internet and high speeds are very popular 3G technology has already started to become entrenched in the market and 4G is just around the corner. With all of the iPhones, Droids, Blackberries and other smart phones out in the market today, you have a very big and lucrative market. These are people that are not just sitting and home killing time. These are people that are out of the house and very likely looking to do business. Marketing studies are being done all over the place about Mobile Search but it is clear that this is an area that should not be overlooked. Mobile Search give you all of the advantages of a customer that finds you from their home or office computer with an emphasis on the fact that these leads are geographically targeted and qualified and are likely in the market to do business right then and there.

Why Use Us for Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Search is a very new medium. Because of the tremendous potential that is has it is growing at a tremendous pace. We got involved in the Mobile Search arena at the very beginning and have already developed the expertise to make it work effectively for your business. Don’t let someone learn about Mobile Search at your expense. Work with professionals that have made it work many times before for others.