Local SEO.

Local SEO: The Easiest Way for Local Businesses to Get Exposure

Local businesses have a huge advantage when it comes to ranking in search engines. That’s because Google gives local businesses high priority when it comes to ranking for local search terms. A local pizza parlor, with proper local SEO optimization, can easily outrank giants like Pizza Hut or Dominos that have spent millions of dollars in advertising.

Just to be perfectly clear, that means that with a tiny advertising budget, you can get your business to rank ahead of other people who’ve spent far more money than you, as long as the searcher is looking in your geographical area.

By “getting ranked,” we’re not just talking about search engine rankings. We’re talking about smartphone rankings and Google Maps rankings in addition to the standard search engine rankings.

How Local SEO Gets You on iPhones, Androids and Blackberries

Imagine someone walking down the street, hungry, looking for pizza. They’ve never been to the area and they have no idea what’s good. What do they do?

If they have a smartphone, most likely they’re going to pull out their phone, open up Google Maps and look for “Pizza” nearby.

If you own a pizza parlor, you want to appear on the list that shows up. Not only do you want to appear on the list of businesses that show up, you want to show up first, ahead of everyone else.

Getting ranked on iPhones, Androids and Blackberries will get you in front of people who are ready to buy from you right away. As smartphones take off more and more, local SEO will only become more and more important.

It’s Not Just the Rankings That Matter

Local SEO isn’t just about getting ranked however. It’s also about making sure your Google Places listings is as finely tuned to draw as many customers into your business as possible.

Imagine someone who types in the keyword “Thai Restaurant San Francisco” in the search engine. The rankings will supplement themselves with Google Places data.

Ranking #1 is a Thai restaurant with 2 reviews (3 stars,) no pictures, no hours, no contact information and not much else.

A little further down, ranking #3, is a business with 17 reviews (5 stars,) a dozen pictures of the food and décor, detailed information on the business’s location and hours, a link to an online menu and even a short description from the owner.

Which business is the customer more likely to visit? The latter, of course. It’s not just your rankings that matter; it’s the way your business is presented.

Not only do you need to rank well, you also need to make sure that once people see your listing, they feel motivated to learn more and to visit your establishment.

Local SEO is Still a Mystery – To Most People

Very few people know how to get local businesses ranked properly. It’s a very specialized skill and involves learning a lot of ranking factors that most SEO companies just haven’t taken the time to learn. It’s a different ballgame than standard search engine optimization.

Most SEO companies focus just on building backlinks to a website. They ignore all kinds of other things that Google looks at to determine how they rank local businesses.

For example, did you know the area code of your business can affect your ranking? A local area code gets higher relevance in Google. Did you know that if the exact name or address of your business is regularly searched in Google, they’ll regard that as a “vote” for your business’ quality?

There are a lot of things that apply only to local SEO that just doesn’t apply to other types of SEO. Very few search engine “experts” have truly studied the field as much as they should have.

Is Local SEO Right for Your Company?

Local SEO is right for you if your company does business primarily in a local area. If you’re a locksmith, a dentist, an auto mechanic, a restaurant owner, a taxi company or any other kind of business that deals mostly with locals, then local SEO is right for you.

Local SEO, as you’ve already learned, is a very specialized skill. Not everyone knows how to do it right. If you want to get results, you have to make sure that whoever you hire to do the job knows what they’re doing.

As audacious as it sounds, we’re one of the few companies around that knows the field well. But don’t take our word for it: Let us prove it to you. With results. We’re so confident in our ability to get you ranked that we won’t ask you to pay until we get you results.

In other words, you’ll pay only for your rankings – Not for our “billable hours,” not for our “services,” not for anything except the actual rank. We help you get results, pure and simple. Our payment is contingent on you getting the results you’re looking for. Interested in our local SEO services? Give us a call, at: 1-(888)-405-7544.