Local Listings.

What are Local Listings?

Many companies focus only on Google but there are some other major players in the market like Yahoo with their Yahoo Listing and Bing. Google Local Listings are a part of Google + Local. Local Listings are an advertising feature that Google provides. These are the listings that show up next to the little map on your Google search. This feature is basically a group of tags that can be used by Google to highlight your business. Whether it is your web site or a store location that you want to drive traffic to, Local Listings from Google, Yahoo, and Bing have proven their potential to truly stimulate traffic. The feature is free of charge and yet the value is priceless. Every computer that is connected to the Internet has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Normally, the IP Address originates from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and that tells Google the geographic area that you are doing your search from. Google looks at the IP address of the person doing the search and, based upon their geographic area, Google, Yahoo, and Bing will feature the local businesses that the web surfer was searching for. A Google Places Page can be created for you that will show all of your important information to your local prospective customer. Google, Yahoo, and Bing also accept reviews and citations about your site.

• Photos of your business
• Videos of your business
• Coupons for your listing
• Menu for your restaurant (if applicable)
• Presentation page for your business
• Posts for your business (Posts are a short update that you can share with your users)

How Do Local Listings Work?

According to Google, 20 % of all Internet searches are tied to a geographic location. This is why they came out with Google + Local. Being listed with Google + Local and the Yahoo and Bing versions of the same thing is similar to having a yellow pages advertisement. With the advent of the Internet the marketing power that the yellow pages used to have has now been transferred to Local Listings. When a customer located in Miami, Florida searched for refrigerators, appliance stores in the Miami, Florida area that have Local Listings will show up with information on your company and directions with a map. There are quite a few amazing features already, such as the ability to easily update a notice for a special event or to place special coupons to assist in driving traffic to your business. There are some excellent tracking capabilities as well.

What Are the Benefits of Local Listings?

With Google + Local you are able to better target your web site to the massive Internet search audience. Many companies have found that their local listings get a better conversion rate that their organic ranking, even if they are ranked on page 1. It would seem that search users like to deal with a local company in their area and this is the reason for the results we are seeing. Because of the way in which the Local Listings are presented you will be able to get a much higher conversion rate of people that are searching for your product or service and that are also in your area.

Why Use Us for Local Listings?

With everything that Google offers and does the value that you get from it is relative to the knowledge and experience that you have in using it. Used properly Local Listings can be a very powerful marketing tool. We work with Local Listings daily and are extremely familiar with all of the ins and outs of the system. Because of this we can help you to get the maximum value from the proper use of Google’s Local Listings. Not only do we know how to get you the local listing but we know how to make it stand out and bring qualified customers to your business. Because we are business professionals that happen to specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we not only know how to best work within the system but also how to best utilize the results that we are able to obtain to drive traffic to your web site and make them become customers.

Another very valuable point about Google + Local is that is your listing is set up properly then your site will be displayed on the very first page of Google’s search results, for customers in your geographic area. This is a very powerful tool that costs very little and will greatly benefit your business marketing plan.